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Choose an ultrapure water system that is efficient, durable and environment friendly

Did you ever heard of electro deionization (EDI)? It is the technology of choice for projects that require pure product water and stringent wastewater discharge requirements. The advanced EDI technology is typically implemented downstream Reverse Osmosis (RO) equipment. It is used for the production of Ultra Pure Water and High Purity. But why purifying water? It serves various purposes worldwide. Not only healthy drinking and washing water are essential, but an ultrapure water system is also made for removing specific elements from water, like ions, organics and gases. With the help of an EDI system you can make sure that water is purified to such a degree that there are virtually no more traces of any unwanted elements.

A reliable partner to buy an ultrapure water system from

Iontech® is a specialist that produce industrial high quality innovative EDI modules complying with International regulations in an ISO9001 set-up facility. Their goal is to produce high quality, efficient and environmental friendly Continuous Electrodeionisation products for a competitive market price. It is also know as ‘ultra-pure water’ (UPW). But who is it for? Most of the industries who used it, are the power, pharmaceutical, microelectronics and food industry. They assure you that the quality of water is consistent and no chemicals are involved. Thanks to a continuously operation of the system. Are you looking for a ultrapure water system that is an very efficient, durable and environment friendly alternative to more traditional ion exchange resin systems? Then you should definitely partner up with Iontech®!

Receive worldwide and 24/7 support

Whether you have a question about the ultrapure water system or want to receive more information about it, they are available to answer all of you question. Their customer support team is available 24/7 and 365 days a year! Contact them for a tailor-made solution for ultra-pure water technology and a EDI system suitable for your specific industry.